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Client Booking Info

FAQ – Client info

Bookings that are canceled within five business days are charged at half of the base rate and bookings that are canceled within three business days are charge at the full base rate. If you need to cancel your shoot due to inclement weather, Please contact us for a “weather permit” to allow you a rescheduled shoot or cancel for half of the base rate.
A Tentative Booking is a booking that has not yet been confirmed. It is the first step in the booking process. Tentative bookings are not guaranteed and are challengeable by other clients. So if the model or agency have contacted you for information regarding safety and important issues relating to your shoot, please reply as soon as possible. If you do not confirm on short notice, the agency will most likely cancel the shoot. Aside from the agency, the model may also cancel the shoot on her own accord at any time before it is confirmed.
We require you to provide a dressing room or other type of changing facility for the model to change outfits. They need to be secure from any outsiders who have nothing to do with the shoot.
These types of shoots should be on a closed set unless you have discussed plans with the model and she has accepted. a "Closed Set" does not mean that it actually has to be in a close room, but that the set should be protected from outsiders passing through. Usually some ropes and someone watching out is sufficient, but some agencies are stricter than others.
Day rates are charged when you book a model for a whole day, which is usually 9 am till 5.30 pm (including at least a 30 minute break). Half day rates are charged for any four hours within that time-frame. We are flexible, but please try to book in blocks as this may help the model book another half day. We are fine with any four hour block between 9am and 5.30pm if you book a half day shoot. Any booking that is after 5.30 is charged at ( Time and a half)
Usage and license fees for their images maybe applicable. These fees very largely depending on a whole lot of factors, such as the agency, the market, the model, and of course where and how the image will be used. Naturally, the usage fee for a paper pamphlet for medium-sized company will be significantly lower than the usage fee for an international ad campaign. If you plan to use the images for an ad campaign, we will expect you to inform us about the nature of the product and/or the brand. There is usually no usage fee if you just want to use the pictures for your Portfolio.
Booking fees are 20% of the total booking amount. This saves you time and energy. It covers processing, vetting models, training and preparing the models so you don't have to start teaching models what they should know about the job you have hired them for on your important day.
Research has shown that freelance models are 80% more likely to not turn up for jobs, delay your work or come completely unprepared. Lets be honest, no one, especially if they consider themselves a professional like their time being wasted. It's one of the most disappointing things when your set and ready to go and the freelance model does not turn up or even call to say what the issue is. You end up calling her and it goes to voicemail or you get some ridiculous excuse. Now it's all to short of notice to find a new model. you would not have this situation with a agency. So best advice would be "Don't chance it" if your serious about what your creating. A professional likes to work with other professionals. If you were a football manager would you want to obtain a professional footballer that wants to give you his best or someone that just plays in the park trying to get on your team? Agencies nature professionals. You don't want some one being hired flaking on your shoot and being disrespectful knowing that they have nothing to lose. Model agencies and freelance models usually charge the same fee. The key differences between a Freelance model and Agency model is that a agency model will bring professionalism and ability to your ideas so it may come to life.
  • We do the basic screening for you and provide a group of photos to review
  • Provide experienced models
  • Find a group of models based on your requirements
  • Ensure that the models turn up on time, clothed suitably, and ready to start
  • Clean one point of billing so there are no disagreements and Everyone is happy
  • Help you and support you with any issues you would like support with
  • Due to the one-stop-shopping and casting services of an agency, most major clients use modeling agencies.

    1. The model will be immediately contacted about the job and if she accepts the job, your details will be given to her . 2. You will be given the models details as soon as she accepts the job offer. 3. If the model does not accept your job offer. you may use the money on another model of your choice or receive a full no hassle refund. 4. The model is only paid after the job has been confirmed by you and the model as complete.

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