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About us

Want to know about us? We are a small team of individuals based in the UK who all agree on one thing; the music Video Vixens and urban glamour models in the UK need more help and assistance getting work and exposure. A lot of new models get into the industry with no real clue on what they are doing and start asking for things that are really only available for established and seasoned models.

Our aim is to help

1) Establish new faces,

2) Assist models with getting new images and videos created for their own portfolio

3) Help models with branding and creating their public image

4) Advise and mentor models

The Modelling industry has changed since the invention of the internet and every industry has had an impact of its effects, including film and the music industry. This effect has now allowed everyone and their aunty to become models. Here are two of the effects of which there are about 16 which you will have access to once your a Loyal Model.

Effect One – The Attack of the Selfie Models –

selfieThere was a time when a girl had to look through a local Directory magazine and to find a Photographer and pay for her portfolio images, Depending on the quality of images you wanted, you may have had to pay £500-£1,000 and upwards. So only the girls who were extremely focused or had financial backing from their parents could get involved in modelling and still keeping in mind that you may still not become an official model after doing all that. Then you look for a list of agencies and call them on the phone. After all this is done, she would have to go to the post office to send her portfolio of by mail.

SINCE THE INTERNET: The girl next door, the girl who lives underneath you, the girl who lives across the road from you, the girl at college or Uni, the girl at work and anyone with a mobile, computer or laptop can
now get involved in the modelling industry without even trying. All they do is just take a few selfies and post it on their internet profile and some model scout or model agency will come across her images and then email her or she emails her images through. This is why it’s become harder for the more serious model to get a career or exposure. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here, Selfies are not what professional agencies want since they can’t send your low-grade images to their clients and it will hardly help you get any work. You will always need professional images, but selfies and mobile camera shots have opened the up the doors help some people get interested.


Effect TwoThe money effect/Famous internet girl –

Models used to get paid more money and make money easier, because once a client hired a model and she turned up it was generally harder for the client to change their mind and also there may not have been a great deal of access to models that they needed for their projects. They could waste more time and contact more agencies and wait for images to come through the letter box or jump in the car and go and see the agency books but that wasted more time and money down the drain.

I wasn’t getting paid much and i have bills so I gave up

SINCE THE INTERT: Now Models are like the new musicians on the scene. There is so much access to models now that competition has doubled and trebled and everyone can access who they need. Model scouts do not need to walk the streets anymore to find models, directors and artists do not need to go and take a trip to the modelling regency note more since they can just email or message the girl they like on Instagram or Facebook. Things are a whole lot easier. I hear a lot of models say things like “There is no money” or “I wasn’t getting paid much and I have bills so I gave up”. New musicians never got paid for their work or performances until they had a big following, a big name or they were a crowd puller. Promoters never paid new musicians much or anything, club managers never paid new musicians much or anything because they knew there were another hundred musicians waiting for a chance and they did not need to spend money on something they were not making money back from. This is what the new age models are facing because before the internet it did not matter about your followers on Instagram or twitter. All that mattered was that you looked good and you could do the work.


popular Instagram modelsNow clients are only spending on models that give them more bang for their bucks. Simply put, “Why pay £200-400 for a model that only has 600 followers when you can pay the same amount for a model that has 50 thousand followers?”. It’s business and you’re a product of that business. The client is looking for exposure also and in their mind, they are helping you build a career so they will pay what they feel is fair and not what is right by your standards, (If you get paid). Now first a model must understand HER particular situation and stop thinking because you gave yourself a title called “Model” you deserve what an established model should be getting. I would love to grab a microphone and call myself a “singer” and maybe start getting paid what Pharell Williams is getting paid or at least half! Now we know that’s not even going to be an option in most people’s eyes if not everyone’s eyes. Yours in the entertainment industry and if luck is not on your side, then you will have to work your way up like everyone else who is trying to get to the pot of gold. Actors do free work, the singers do free work, rappers do free work and the list goes on until they get that lucky break because of their hard work and effort they have put in over a long time and in most cases a long time means over the years.



“I got paid a lot of money for that job with Snoop Dogg”

Some upcoming models make one of these two mistakes or both: They hear someone say “I got paid a lot of money for that job with Snoop Dogg” and start thinking that’s what they also should receive from that point on for ANY job OR they get a well-paid job one day and start thinking that’s what every client should be snoop with video vixenpaying them once they contact her with a job offer. If you get stuck in this mentality you will be sitting on your sofa seeing others progress while your ambitions are in free fall towards the graveyard of greedy and confused models. There are lots of reasons why people pay different amounts for models, maybe the client is a very big company so they have more money to find the right model, maybe the client is doing a small project and does not have all access to spend what he wants for this small project, maybe the client has not been paid a lot so he can only book a model with a small budget. Either way, your job as a model is to network and make sure you get your face and your name known since this will lead to more work and more business. This is the way to the pot of gold. – In a perfect world, you should be paid for the work you’re doing, but we all know this is planet earth and its not perfect.

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